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Access to documents

Providing access to documents is an essential part of the ECB's transparency policy. We aim to work as openly as possible with the people of Europe, while at the same time protecting the confidentiality of matters specific to how the ECB performs its tasks.

Access to ECB documents is governed by Decision ECB/2004/3 of 4 March 2004, as amended. In line with the ECB's commitment to openness and transparency, and to enable and facilitate research, we have created a Public Register of Documents.

Public Register of Documents

Historical documents more than 30 years old can be accessed by the public in accordance with EU Council Regulation No. 354/83 of 1 February 1983, as amended.

Access to released historical documents and information on the ECB Archives is available in the Archives section.


When direct access is not given through the Public Register or the ECB Archives, members of the public can apply for access to a document, in any written form, in one of the official languages of the European Union by sending a letter or email to:

European Central Bank
Compliance and Governance Office
Sonnemannstrasse 22
60314 Frankfurt am Main

[email protected]

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