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Structural work

Start of the construction works

Site plan

Site plan

? European Central Bank

The construction works for the ECB’s new premises started in spring 2010, with the laying of the foundation stone on 19 May. First to be carried out were the structural works for all the building elements, the requisite steelwork and the restoration of the Grossmarkthalle.

Building of the new premises

The two office towers are reinforced concrete skeleton frame structures. The north tower has 45 floors and the south tower 43. Steel trusses and interchange platforms in the atrium join the two towers together to create a single static structure.

Restoration of the Grossmarkthalle

A large part of the construction works focused on the restoration of the Grossmarkthalle, which was built on the basis of the design of Martin Elsaesser during the period 1926-28. The fundamental appearance of the Grossmarkthalle has been retained, with its facades and surfaces having been restored in line with the building preservation order.
The ECB’s functional facilities, such as the visitor centre, staff restaurant and conference area, are separate steel frame structures that were integrated into the market hall on the basis of a “house-in-house” concept.


The topping out ceremony on 20 September 2012 marked the completion of the main structural works.

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