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Main building

“The ECB’s new home is a modern building for a modern central bank.”

(Mario Draghi, President of the ECB)

The ECB chose the site of the Grossmarkthalle (Frankfurt’s former wholesale market hall) to build its new premises. After completion of the construction works, the ECB began operating in November 2014 from a modern and functional building that was built to meet its specific requirements.

Time-lapse video

?ECB/Robert Metsch, Frankfurt am Main

Facts and figures

185 m high office tower +++ 250 m long Grossmarkthalle +++ 120,000 m2 total site area +++ 700 trees planted on site +++ 6,000 panels in the office tower facade +++ 14 steel trusses in the atrium +++ 73 km of repointed facade joints

Key statements

“I am delighted to be the one who has overseen the completion of the building project, to which so many people have contributed over the years. All those involved have carried out a huge amount of work within a tight time frame to complete the building and enable us to move in 2014.”

Vítor Constancio
Vice-President of the ECB, responsible for the construction project

“My vision for the new premises was to create a building that combines very old and state-of-the-art architecture. In addition, not only did we want to provide staff with functional and comfortable office and meeting areas, it was also our aim to establish a meeting point here in Frankfurt, at the heart of Europe. And I believe that is what we have achieved.”

Werner Studener
Director General Administration at the ECB and Coordinator of the New ECB Premises project

“This building, the planning and construction of which I have been involved in every day for the last 16 years, is now being brought to life – a goal that my team and I have been working towards for a long time. It has been built by staff for staff, and I am extremely proud of my team and what we have achieved.”

Thomas Rinderspacher
ECB Project Manager for the New ECB Premises project

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