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Standing facilities


The Eurosystem offers credit institutions two standing facilities:

  • Marginal lending facility in order to obtain overnight liquidity from the central bank, against the presentation of sufficient eligible assets;
  • Deposit facility in order to make overnight deposits with the central bank.
Standing facilities rates ( Effective from 18 September 2019)
Marginal lending facility rate: 0.25 %
Deposit facility rate: − 0.50 %

Past key ECB interest rates

Use of the standing facilities (Figures as at 2020-03-30, EUR millions)
Use of the marginal lending facility: 19
Use of the deposit facility: 220,388

Historical data on daily liquidity conditions

General Information


Both facilities are available to eligible counterparties on their own initiative, subject to their fulfilment of certain operational access conditions.

Terms and conditions

The time limit to request access to the standing facilities is half an hour after the close of TARGET2 , except on the last working day of the reserve maintenance period, when the time limit is an hour.

The standing facilities are administered in a decentralised manner by the national central banks. The terms and conditions of use of the standing facilities are identical throughout the euro area.

Rates corridor

The interest rates on the marginal lending and deposit facilities normally provide a ceiling and a floor for the overnight market interest rate.

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