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For questions related to a specific eligible asset, please contact the national central bank responsible for reporting the asset for inclusion in the eligible assets database. This is usually the national central bank of the country in which the asset is admitted to trading. For questions regarding the reasons for an asset’s eligibility/ineligibility, you should again contact the relevant national central bank.

For assets listed in the United Kingdom, please contact the Central Bank of Luxembourg.

The contact information for the national central banks is set out in the table below.

On questions related to the Eurosystem collateral framework in general, please contact the ECB’s Eligible Asset Hotline. [email protected]

Messages to the ECB should be submitted in English so that they can be processed promptly. Please ensure that you include a message subject which is relevant to your question.

NCB contact details
Belgium - National Bank of Belgium [email protected]
Denmark - Danmarks Nationalbank [email protected]
Germany - Deutsche Bundesbank [email protected]
+49 69 9566 2599
Estonia - Eesti Pank [email protected]
Spain - Bank of Spain [email protected]
Finland - Bank of Finland [email protected]
France - Bank of France [email protected]
Greece - Bank of Greece [email protected]
Ireland - Central Bank of Ireland [email protected]
Italy - Bank of Italy [email protected]
+39 06 4792 4098
Latvia - Latvijas Banka [email protected]
+371 6702 2443
Lithuania - Lietuvos bankas [email protected]
+370 5 2680 620
Luxembourg - Central Bank of Luxembourg [email protected]
+352 4774 4454
Netherlands - Dutch National Bank [email protected]
+31 20 524 3696
Austria - Central Bank of Austria [email protected]
Portugal - Bank of Portugal [email protected]
Slovenia - Bank of Slovenia [email protected]
+386 1 47 19 205
Slovakia - National Bank of Slovakia [email protected]
+421 25787 2518
Cyprus - Central Bank of Cyprus [email protected]
+357 2271 4319
Malta - Central Bank of Malta [email protected]
[email protected]
+356 2550 5402
+356 2550 5401
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