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ECB Operations managers group (ECB OMG)

The ECB OMG provides a forum for operations managers to discuss banks’ operational and post-trade developments, in particular those connected with the regulatory reform and technological innovation. In addition, the group acts as a channel of communication to respond from a banks’ operations perspective to crisis situations that may arise in financial markets.

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Head of Division Financial Operations Services of the ECB

Members and composition

The ECB OMG is composed of representatives of the ECB and operations managers of commercial banks from all over Europe.

The composition of the group is reviewed at the end of the calendar year. Institutions interested in joining the ECB OMG are invited to submit the application form and other relevant documentation to the ECB OMG Secretariat by the end of October of each year at the latest.

Representatives from the euro area national central banks, which have the status of observer, may follow the discussions in the group.

To further enhance the diversity of our contact group, we particularly encourage institutions to nominate female representatives.

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