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MIP OnLine - 2019

Hello and Goodbye – changes in the Market Infrastructure Board (MIB)

September 2019

The MIB bade farewell to some departing members and welcomed new ones.


A truly European service to issue debt securities

July 2019

But why are we exploring this initiative? And how can you respond?


Crypto-assets – trends and implications

June 2019

What impact are crypto-assets having on the ECB’s core areas of responsibility?


Card payments in Europe – current landscape and future prospects

April 2019

Supporting move towards deeper integration in the European cards market.


New non-central bank members of the ECB’s Market Infrastructure Board

March 2019

ECB has issued a call for competition for new non-central bank members of its Market Infrastructure Board (MIB).


TIPS for instant payments: reshaping the market and our daily lives

February 2019

What benefits does TIPS bring to businesses and consumers?


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