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Forum on the Security of Retail Payments – SecuRe Pay

The European Forum on the Security of Retail Payments (SecuRe Pay) aims to foster a harmonised level of security in this field between the relevant EU/European Economic Area (EEA) authorities.

Participants share knowledge and understanding on matters related to the security of electronic retail payment services and instruments, with a focus on the whole processing chain, independent of the payment channel.

The Forum is co-chaired by the ECB and the European Banking Authority (EBA), and is composed of EU/EEA overseers of payment systems and instruments and supervisors of payment service providers.

According to its mandate, SecuRe Pay may, where necessary, develop and provide input into policies and regulations to foster the safety of retail payments.

The ECB, under the umbrella of the SecuRe Pay Forum, has been involved in the work led by the EBA to develop regulatory technical standards and guidelines addressed to payment service providers, as mandated by the revised Payment Services Directive (PSD2).

Key documents

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