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Facts and figures

Facts & figures
Currency euro
Launch 2018
Settlement model Real time, central bank money
Scheme SEPA Instant Credit Transfer (SCT Inst)
Opening hours 24/7/365
Transaction limit No upper limit
% of payments processed in TIPS in less than 5 seconds 99%
Price €0.002 per transaction
Regulator European Central Bank

TIPS participants

  • Abanca Corporación Bancaria S.A.
  • ABN AMRO Bank N.V.
  • Banco Bilbao Vizcaya Argentaria S.A.
  • Banco Cooperativo Espanol S.A.
  • Banco de Crédito Social Cooperativo S.A.
  • Banca March S.A.
  • Banco Mediolanum S.A.
  • Banco de Sabadell S.A.
  • Banco Santander S.A.
  • Bank of Latvia
  • Bankhaus Carl Spaengler & Co. AG
  • Bankia S.A.
  • Bankinter S.A.
  • Berlin Hyp AG
  • BPCE (including Natixis)
  • BRED Banque Populaire
  • CaixaBank S.A.
  • Deutsche Bundesbank
  • Laboral Kutxa (Caja Laboral Popular Coop. de Crédito)
  • Hypo Tirol Bank A.G.
  • Ibercaja Banco S.A.
  • Istituto Centrale Delle Banche Popolari Italiane
  • Kutxabank S.A.
  • Oberbank AG
  • Raiffeisen International AG
  • Raiffeisenlandesbank Oberoesterreich Aktiengesellschaft
  • TeamBank AG
  • Unicredit Bank AG (Hypovereinsbank)
  • UniCredit S.P.A.

TIPS reachable parties

List of TIPS participants and reachable parties (Last update: 3 February 2020)

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