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Executive Board – Communications guidelines

The ECB Executive Board has agreed guiding principles on external communication for its members. The guidelines focus on the selection of speaking engagements and how the ECB ensures that financial market-sensitive information is not disclosed to select groups.

Guiding principles for external communication by members of the Executive Board of the European Central Bank

ECB Forum on Central Banking

The ECB Forum on Central Banking takes place once a year in Sintra, Portugal. It brings together central bank governors, academics, high-level financial market representatives, journalists and others to exchange views on current policy issues and discuss the Forum’s key topic from a longer-term perspective. Attendance is by invitation only.

Information for media attendance at the ECB Forum on Central Banking

Press conference registration

If you are a journalist and wish to attend the ECB press conference, send an email to [email protected] at least 10 working days prior to the event. Once your request has been assessed, you will be contacted by email with follow up instructions.

Market Information Dissemination

Access latest information and data suitable for automatic processing through the Market Information Dissemination (MID) system.

Weekly schedule

The Weekly Schedule announces all publications and events (meetings of the decision-making bodies, press conferences, speeches of the ECB in the European Parliament, public speaking engagements and other).

This agenda is updated each Friday.

RSS news feed

Subscribe to the ECB news feeds to receive press releases, speeches, publications, exchange rates etc. as they are issued.

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