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Student research traineeship programme

This programme is aimed at highly promising students who have completed a first degree and are aiming to enrol in a Masters/PhD programme in economics or a related field at a leading international university.

About the programme

Participants in the programme will have the opportunity to cooperate closely with the economists in Directorate General Research (DG/R) and will be involved in all stages of research projects, the findings of which are then typically published in international academic journals. Participants will also have the chance to support economists in preparing policy-related notes and reports intended for the ECB's Executive Board.

The opportunity to work closely with the economists in DG/R will allow students to develop analytical skills and gain insight into the research activities and policy-making processes of the ECB, thereby enabling them to acquire new ideas and stimuli for their future graduate studies.


Participants will generally be expected to contribute, together with DG/R staff, to one or more of the following:

  • the construction and maintenance of databases of monetary, financial and economic data;
  • the presentation of data in conjunction with basic economic and econometric analysis;
  • the programming of mathematical and statistical procedures for research projects; and
  • the support and maintenance of software tools and hardware installations in DG/R.
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