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Macroprudential measures in countries subject to ECB Banking Supervision and notified to the ECB

Under the SSM Regulation (EU Regulation No 1024/2013), the ECB has been assigned specific powers in the field of macroprudential policies. In particular, the ECB is responsible for assessing macroprudential measures adopted by national authorities in the countries subject to ECB Banking Supervision.

The ECB has the power to apply, if deemed necessary, more stringent measures than adopted nationally to address risks to financial stability. The powers are based on Article 5 of the SSM Regulation and Article 13h of the Rules of Procedure of the ECB (ECB/2014/1), OJ L 95, 29.3.2014.

Overview of measures as of 1 October 2019

The “Combined buffer requirements” sheet details the active capital-based measures and the “Other measures” sheet covers other macroprudential measures at national and individual bank level notified to the ECB and announced by the authorities. For each of those measures, a link is provided to the decision-making authority with further background information and explanations of the national decisions and the macroprudential framework.

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