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Banking Industry Dialogue on ESCB statistics

Decision-makers in the European System of Central Banks need high-quality statistics to inform monetary policy, macroprudential oversight and microprudential supervision. A large part of these statistics is provided by the banking industry. It is therefore important that banks have a good understanding of their reporting obligations to ensure that the data they report to the ESCB are of the required quality. Likewise, it is important that statisticians listen to the banking industry with a view to finding ways to ease the response burden. Data quality would also improve if reporting requirements were harmonised and duplicate requests removed.

With these considerations in mind, the ESCB’s Statistics Committee set up a Dialogue with the banking industry to exchange views on new and ongoing initiatives in the field of ESCB statistics.

The charter provides more information on how the Dialogue is governed.

Participants of the second meeting, 15 March 2019


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