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Public consultations

The ECB holds public consultations on ECB regulations concerning European statistics. The main purpose is to increase transparency and give EU citizens, market participants and other stakeholders the opportunity to express their views on new European statistical regulations.

Direct engagement with the public allows the ECB to benefit from the insights of interested parties and helps to promote trust.

Transparency in developing new ECB regulations on European statistics


27/2/2020 - Public consultation on the draft ECB Regulation amending the Regulation on payments statistics

Consultation period: 27 February to 9 April 7 May 2020

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10/2/2020 - Public consultation on amendments to the ECB Regulation on monetary financial institution balance sheet statistics

Consultation period: 10 February to 13 March 2020

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6/8/2018 - Public consultation on the draft ECB Regulation amending the Money Market Statistical Reporting (MMSR) Regulation

Consultation period: 6 August to 10 September 2018

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26/7/2017 - Public consultation on the draft ECB regulation on statistical reporting requirements for pension funds

Consultation period: 26 July to 29 September 2017

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