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Financial corporations

The statistics in this section focus on balance sheets of financial corporations other than monetary financial institutions, which are presented under Money, credit and banking.

Non-monetary financial institutions comprise financial vehicle corporations (FVCs), investment funds other than money market funds (non-MMF investment funds), insurance corporations and pension funds.

  • FVC balance sheet statistics cover securitised loans originated by MFIs and non-MFIs, securitised assets other than loans, synthetic securitisation and FVC liabilities.
  • Statistics on the balance sheets of non-MMF investment funds are presented by investment policy of the fund and by type of fund (open-end or closed-end).
  • Statistics on insurance corporations and pension funds comprise the main categories in their balance sheets.
  • The ECB regularly publishes lists of MFIs, FVCs and non-MMF investment funds.

The data on non-MFIs complement monetary statistics, especially regarding the financing and financial investment of non-financial corporations and households.

Statistics on the balance sheets of FVCs, non-MMF investment funds, insurance corporations and pension funds are analysed in the context of financial stability and systemic risks.

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