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Indicators of financial integration and structure in the euro area

This dataset brings together two sets of statistical indicators that were previously presented separately.

The first set of indicators comprises indicators of financial integration in the euro area. These indicators allow an overall assessment of the degree of financial integration in the main financial market segments of the euro area, covering the money market, bond markets, equity markets and banking markets, including indicators related to market infrastructures.

The second set of indicators encompasses statistical indicators and measures that were previously included in the ECB’s annual report on financial structures. These indicators form a comprehensive dataset on the structural features of the financial and banking industry at national level.

The charts and methodologies according to which the indicators are calculated are included in the Statistical Annex of the ECB Financial Integration and Financial Structures Report.

Financial integration and financial structure indicators last update: 03 March 2020

The indicators disclosed in this publication will be updated on a biannual basis.

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