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Financial markets and interest rates

These statistics on financial markets and interest rates reflect how prices, yields and volumes of financial instruments, as well as expectations about their future developments, vary over time.

They facilitate analysis of the monetary policy transmission mechanism, in particular the extent and speed of the pass-through of changes in official rates to the credit market and the real economy as well as shifts between direct finance (through securities markets) and indirect finance (through the banking system). They are also essential for analysing financial stability and financial integration.

These statistics cover the following areas:

  • bank interest rates on deposits from, and loans to, households and corporations
  • long-term interest rates on long-term government bonds, denominated in euro for euro area countries and in national currencies for EU Member States that have not adopted the euro
  • securities issues on outstanding amounts, new issues, redemptions and growth rates of European debt securities and listed shares
  • securities holdings for euro area resident sectors, broken down by instrument type and selected issuer countries and sectors
  • volumes and yields on Short-Term European Papers (STEP)
  • euro area government bond yield curves
  • euro money market transactions
  • financial integration in the main financial market segments of the euro area
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