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Securities holdings statistics

The Securities Holdings Statistics (SHS), collected on a security-by-security basis, provide information on securities held by selected categories of euro area investors, broken down by instrument type, issuer country and further classifications.

Legal basis

The legal basis for collecting SHS data is laid down in Regulation ECB/2012/24 and subsequent amendments.

This Regulation is complemented by Guideline ECB/2013/7 and subsequent amendments, which sets out the procedures to be followed by NCBs when reporting to the ECB.

The SHS Group (SHSG) data collection provides information on holdings of securities by individual banking groups. Starting with data relating to the reference period end-September 2018, the data collection has been extended in order to comprise more banking groups and more attributes. The reporting population has been increased to cover all banking groups that are directly supervised by the ECB. The SHSG Guidance notes further clarify and illustrate the extended data collection.

Statistical Data Warehouse

The SHS by Sector, as published in the Statistical Data Warehouse (SDW), provide information on holdings of securities by euro area resident sectors, e.g. monetary financial institutions or non-financial corporations.

International standards on securities statistics

The joint Handbook on Securities Statistics, from the Bank for International Settlements, the European Central Bank and the International Monetary Fund provides the conceptual framework for the compilation and presentation of securities statistics.

It describes the main features of debt and equity securities, looks at institutional units and sectors as issuers and holders of securities, and discusses the statistical recording rules to be applied for use in monetary policy formulation and financial stability analysis.

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