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Listed shares

Full monthly time series for listed shares starting in January 1999 (December 1989 for outstanding amounts)

All listed shares time series

The national contributions from France for periods prior to December 1992 include temporary estimates.

The national sector breakdowns for Luxembourg for periods prior to December 1998 include temporary estimates by the ECB.


Listed shares (also referred to as quoted shares) include all shares with prices listed on a recognised stock exchange or other form of regulated market. Listed shares comprise financial assets which represent property rights in corporations or quasi-corporations. These financial assets generally entitle the holder to a share in the profits of the corporations or quasi-corporations and to a share in their net assets in the event of liquidation. Listed shares are valued and reported at market values.

The euro area securities issues statistics for listed shares provide a sectoral breakdown of issuers of listed shares. The sectoral breakdown for listed shares is in line with the ESA 2010, whenever appropriate and possible, and distinguishes primarily between three types of issuer (ESA 2010 code numbers in brackets):

  • MFIs (including the Eurosystem) denotes the ECB and the national central banks of the countries of the euro area (S.121) and other monetary financial institutions (S.122);
  • Non-monetary financial corporations denotes other financial intermediaries (S.125), financial auxiliaries (S.126), captive financial institutions (S.127), insurance corporations (S.128) and pension funds (S.129);
  • Non-financial corporations (S.11);

Outstanding amounts of listed shares for issues by euro area residents broken down by sector

(EUR billions; market values)
Graph: Outstanding amounts
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