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National accounts and output indicators

Data on quarterly and annual national accounts

Output and demand includes tables for:

  • GDP and expenditure components
  • Value added by economic activity
  • Industrial production
  • Retail sales and passenger car registrations

GDP and expenditure components for the euro area and per countries

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Most of the data presented here are produced by the European Commission (mainly Eurostat) and national statistical institutes. Euro area results are obtained by aggregating data for individual countries.

As far as possible, the data are harmonised and comparable.

Quarter-on-quarter growth rates of GDP expenditure components, value added by economic activity, industrial production, retail sales and passenger car registrations are adjusted for variations in the number of working days. Retail sales indicators measure the turnover, including all duties and taxes with the exception of VAT, of all retail trade excluding sales of motor vehicles and motorcycles, and except repairs. New passenger car registrations covers registrations of both private and commercial passenger cars. Data on GDP and value-added are expressed in euro (ECU up to end-1998).

However, given that the composition of the ECU does not coincide with the former currencies of the countries which have adopted the single currency, pre-1999 amounts converted from the participating currencies into ECU at current ECU exchange rates are affected by movements in the currencies of the EU Member States which have not adopted the euro. The data presented in the table GDP and expenditure components are therefore not appropriate as a means of deriving implicit deflators for periods before 1999 (see data in HICP and prices section for the ECB calculations of implicit deflators).

Preliminary GDP flash estimate in 30 days for Europe

As of 29 April 2016, Eurostat will publish preliminary GDP flash estimates for the euro area and the European Union about 30 days after the end of the reference quarter. This early information on economic growth in Europe will complement the quarterly GDP estimates released about 45 days and 65 days after the end of the reference quarter.

International cooperation in macroeconomic statistics

National accounts data for the main GDP aggregates of European countries and their populations are available via our Statistical Data Warehouse.

We receive and disseminate the data from the IMF, the OECD and Eurostat thanks to collaboration under the auspices of the Inter-Agency Group on Economic and Financial Statistics.


Eurostat: EU Member States, candidate countries and EFTA countries:
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OECD: OECD member countries, key partners and accession countries:
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IMF: countries not covered above:
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