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Government finance

Government finance statistics form an important part of the integrated system of sectoral non-financial and financial accounts for the euro area.

To carry out the analysis required for monetary policy, the ECB and the ESCB need comprehensive and reliable government finance statistics based on the ESA 2010.

Fiscal dashboard

Click to start. The Fiscal dashboard requires the Flash plug-in.Explore government finance data interactively

Navigate through the latest data with maps and charts for the euro area and the other EU countries.

Statistical Data Warehouse

Government finance - data for the euro area, the EU and individual EU Member States.

Report sheets

Presented in the format of the monthly Statistics Bulletin tables, but including latest government finance data:

Economic Bulletin


Economic concepts

Related information

1) Prepared under the joint responsibility of nine organisations through the mechanism of the Inter-Agency Task Force on Finance Statistics, which includes the ECB.

Legal basis

The legal basis for collecting annual government finance statistics is laid down in Guideline ECB/2013/23.

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