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The balance sheets of monetary financial institutions (MFIs)

The aggregated balance sheet of the MFI sector is the sum of the harmonised balance sheets of all the MFIs resident in the euro area.

The consolidated balance sheet of the MFI sector is obtained by netting the aggregated balance sheet positions between MFIs in the euro area.

The consolidated balance sheet provides the basis for the regular analysis of euro area monetary aggregates and counterparts.

List of financial institutions

The Manual on MFI balance sheet statistics (January 2019) provides a comprehensive overview of the conceptual and methodological framework for data collection.

Euro area MFI balance sheets

National aggregated balance sheets

Legal basis

The legal basis for collecting harmonised balance sheet statistics is laid down in Regulation ECB/2013/33.

This Regulation is complemented by Guideline ECB/2014/15, which sets out the procedures to be followed by NCBs when reporting money and banking statistics information to the ECB.

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