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Payment services and large-value and retail payment systems

These statistics cover important aspects of payment transactions in EU countries, such as information on payment services and the main payment and settlement systems, as well as data on the general economic situation for the purposes of comparison.

Payment and terminal transactions involving non-MFIs

Statistical press releases

Reporting requirements

The European System of Central Banks (ESCB) compiles annual payments statistics starting with a reference year of 2007 (for most indicators back data are available as of 2000). Up to the reference year 2013 these statistics were collected on the basis of the reporting framework set out in the ECB Guideline on monetary, financial institutions and markets statistics (ECB/2007/9).

As the progressive implementation of the Single Euro Payments Area (SEPA) and other developments in the payments market in Europe have had a significant impact on payments statistics, the reporting requirements have been enhanced as of 2014, both in terms of the methodology applied and new indicators required.

The new reporting requirements are laid down in the Regulation on payments statistics (ECB/2013/43) and in the recast Guideline on monetary and financial statistics (ECB/2014/15).

Where there are discrepancies as regards the data reported, these are indicated in the notes for individual data items in the Statistical Data Warehouse (SDW).

Country coverage and data comparability

Payments statistics are collected from all EU Member States. Current candidate and accession countries are not included. Data cover the period from 2007 onwards.

Tables of comparative data are provided. However, owing to the ongoing implementation of enhanced reporting requirements, data for the various countries are not always fully comparable. Discrepancies in this regard are listed in the methodological notes in the SDW.

The statistics are published under the responsibility of the respective national central banks.

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